Whether this is your first visit to a church or you have been going your whole life we at The Seed want to say welcome!  We want The Seed to be a place where you can come to experience The Love of God, The Power of the Holy Spirit and The sense of Forgiveness only a Relationship with God can provide.  We Pray you will be inspired by the music, given encouragement found in the message and welcomed by the People of The Seed


Our setting is casual and welcoming and we would love for you to come to one of our services.  Don’t worry if you feel your life is not fully on track….. JUST COME.  If you are wavering on whether or not you should go to church, please hear us….. JUST COME!  The people of The Seed are everyday people with everyday problems just like you.  We have a belief that just like you God has forgiven us for whatever mistakes we have made or will make in our lives.  We want you to come and experience that continual forgiveness with us.


We Love Children!  If you have children please bring them.  Taking care of your children and teaching them about  God in a fun and educational atmosphere is important to us.  Children are also welcome to stay in the service with you if you prefer.  We want your child’s experience at The Seed to be as awesome as yours

9284 Baseline Rd. Rancho Cucamonga | Sundays @ 9am
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