Ages To Stages Parenting Program

Ages to stages is a program designed to infuse hope into families.  Everyone needs support and hope for today and for tomorrow.  Through ages to stages we hope to infuse families with God’s hope and with skills to build strong, healthy family bonds.  So no matter what age and stage you find yourself at in parenting from brand new to adult children we want to encourage you as parents with God’s word and knowledge through research based strategies to develop healthy relationships with your family and teach your children healthy boundaries while growing your family life together.

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The Seed has many programs that can help you to learn more about God and The Bible.  We have a Men’s bible study (Band of Brothers), a Women’s bible study (BOSSY),  and a Bible study for all (Wednesday Get a Life Group).  Click on this box to find out more.

About Us

The Seed is a Non-Denominational church with our roots deeply planted in the reformed faith.  Our services are Spirit-filled worship with Christ-centered preaching and an experience of God’s love and grace.  Wear what you are comfortable in, Like God we care about what is on the inside of a person, not what is on the outside.

At The Seed Christian Fellowship our Mission is…

To Know God’s Love To Grow in Christ’s Grace To Go in the Power of the Holy Spirit

To Sow Seeds of Faith in the World


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