The congregation was asked why they loved their church and these are some of the responses that were given. Come join us on Sunday and see if The Seed can be your church.

* We have a great pastor who is committed to teaching and giving 100%+ to all the members of his church and to the community. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with Pastor Dave who loves us, also Ms. Jac who shares her shining light with love to all of us.
* it LOVES me and everyone else.
*I can have quiet time to solely concentrate on my faith, a time for myself to let Jesus into my heart. I love the “SO WHAT?” every week and I apply it to my life. I love my church family.
* of the opportunity to praise and worship the Lord, and to be blessed by His work in and around us; to be able to encourage and pray for each other as we walk in fellowship together.
* I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit through the teaching, the love of the members, and their prayers.
* The pastor!
* The pastor and because of the worship!
* It is a place where we can belong—no matter what sin we have
* the people here are down-to-earth and REAL
* It is safe here.
* Pastor Dave, loving friends, honest, caring people
* It is a safe, caring, loving place for people of all needs. “A place where grace resides!”
* The SEED is the Body of Christ Jesus, as he lives within me through the power of the Holy Spirit. The SEED brings me love and joy and excitement each and every day of my life. The SEED has given me spiritual understanding and has touched and changed my entire life. I await further journies with love and obedience toward my God!
* Every Sunday the presence of the Lord God fills the walls of my church like nowhere else and I get to serve and worship and be filled with His glorious love and then I am able to face the week ahead of me—renewed! PS And because I love my pastor! Thank you!
* Shoot, I wanted to say because I love my pastor and his wife…but…since I can’t, here is my response: I love my church because people notice you and care for you without reason or hesitation. You are always greeted with a warm smile and never forgotten. It is a place of acceptance and spirituality that makes my heart feel whole. I love the SEED!
* JESUS IS ALWAYS THERE! My church family is always available. We celebrate together as a family. Love is always dominate there. The singing to the Lord is loud and happy. We are a body to Christ! ALLWAYS…and we have a great pastor and his family.
* it is like no other church I’ve been to: inclusive, loving, supportive, and there’s always a willing heart & helpful hand when one needs support or love or prayer.
* My church loves me
* God’s word is taught. Everyone is loved & accepted.
* it is the fountain where I come to hear God’s word & refresh my spirit. I feel God’s love through the people.
* The overwhelming feeling of LOVE for the LORD on Sundays.
*The feeling of caring for your brother or sister in Christ. The feeling
of HOPE in the Church that can only be brought on by the Holy
Spirit’s presence. Why do I love the SEED? I love the LORD, and what
He is doing with all of us through this ministry He has called us to.