Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of church is The Seed Christian Fellowship?
We are a non-denominational church with our roots deeply planted in the reformed faith
Dress Code?
Our dress code is informal–wear what you are comfortable in; we care about the inside of a person not the outside.
Are children welcome in worship?
Yes! It is a blessing when families worship together!
Are there children’s programs?
Yes! We have a growing and vibrant children’s program!
Do you have infant care?
Yes! We have care for infants also.
What kind of music?
Music is a tool that helps us to enter into the presence of God. The emphasis will be on contemporary Christian music but all types of music will be used.
Is there a Praise Band?
Yes! Do you play an instrument or sing? You are welcome to join the band! We intend to make a joyful noise!
How long are services?
Most services will run about an hour
First Sunday of the month is open Communion–all who confess Jesus Christ as Lord are welcome.
What can I expect?
A warm welcome, Spirit-filled worship, Christ-centered preaching and an experience of God’s love and grace.