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Prayer is a vital Seed of Faith in the ministry of our church. We would love to pray for you. Please submit your prayer request so we can pray for you or someone you know
Prayer is a vital Seed of Faith in the ministry of our church. We would love to pray for you. Please submit your prayer request so we can pray for you or someone you know

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Colon cancer prayer 1July 20, 2019Details
its hard3July 15, 2019Details
Spiritual Camp4July 11, 2019Details
protection4July 9, 2019Details
healing from toxic exposures4July 6, 2019Details
Little Emma's inoperable brain cancer 5July 4, 2019Details
Direction wife5July 2, 2019Details
Father protect my daughter3June 29, 2019Details
Financial blessings and miracles 3June 25, 2019Details
pet home4June 19, 2019Details
deliverance5June 18, 2019Details
prayer4June 17, 2019Details
please pray with me this prayer for the world people2June 16, 2019Details
Job security3June 14, 2019Details
pet home3June 14, 2019Details
MArriage restoration4June 7, 2019Details
I need money to move to my new home 3June 3, 2019Details
healing3June 3, 2019Details

Colon cancer prayer

Marilou Percival
I'm being tested for colon cancer on 7/26. May God grant me a negative response from the test.

its hard

I have ongoing health issues and can't seem to get a break. No family, no support, no encouragement. It's hard to push through anymore. I am physically not well and its affecting me in other areas. Please pray for me.I have ongoing health issues and can't seem to get a break. No family, no support, no encouragement. It's hard to push through anymore. I am physically not well and its affecting me in other areas. Please pray for me.

Spiritual Camp

Eero Vahter
We have a spiritual Camp (08.16-08.18.2019). To the Camp comes people who are alcoholics or drug addicts. I hope, that you praying that Jesus saves, heals and frees them. And that all will go well.


Dear Prayer Team CONFIDENTIAL PRAYER REQUEST Please bind every work of witchcraft, death, murder, homicide, suicide, divination, every form of Satanism, masonary, druid, Brethren occult works, bondage every single tie between warlock Tony and Dean, warlock Tony and marie, warlock Tony and Raewyn, any friend, contact, prayer support team or team member within New zealand, Australia and the world to be COMPLETELY broken off every person tied by Tony The Asian to them and their very lives. Please pray for Tony the Asian to be completely exposed regarding every work against myself and family, and every person Tony has brought harm to over the past 27 years - from the W School were Tony has placed a massive stronghold keeping every one who has attended that school since 1993 in bondage Tragically my son (who is both physically and mentally ill) may have become involved with those against me. Please pray for God to save Dean my son, Raewyn my daughter and Marie myself from any form of harm from Tony and those supporting him. And, from any kind of work in the physical or spiritual that Tony plans to carry out against Raewyn, Dean and Marie from this moment thru to at least the end of the month. I am concerned that Dean has become involved in these events. It is truly a fearful situation to be 65, frail, and a woman, in this terrible situation night after night. Please pray for the strongest protection as I sleep. Thank you for your prayer Marie Grace CONFIDENTIAL PRAYER PLEASE

healing from toxic exposures

Patrick Duvall
I listen to you on KKLA and would really appreciate your prayers! Please pray for a healing path to my health issues caused from a pesticide exposure and a toxic mold exposure. Pray for the right insurance, financial resources, the right doctors, encouragement from others and hope & strength to carry on. Thank you again for your ministry! Patrick

Little Emma's inoperable brain cancer

Please pray that six-year-old Emma Askernäs is cured from her inoperable brain cancer. She’s had the main tumour half her life. It’s constantly growing and has metastasised into several new tumours, which are also growing. Emma is struggling to breathe and stay awake. The oncologists have officially given up all hope of curing or even slowing the tumour growth. Little Emma is now on palliative care and she truly needs a miracle in order to survive.

Direction wife

Allan Dixen
Please pray for my marriage with Lisbeth, a well educated missionary’s daughter. That God will restore it. My wife says no to Gods calling, mostly because of fear and unbelief. May our heavenly Fathers love and grace convince her, its going to be alright. We have 3 beloved daughters Dinah, Anna and Zoe. God Bless, Allan Dixen

Father protect my daughter

Jilian Rose
Heavenly father THANK YOU for my daughter, forgive all her sins, have mercy on her- touch-heal her mind-body-soul. Shower YOUR blessings of wisdom-good health-knowledge-protection on her. Protect her from all evil-illness-infection. Provide all her needs. Help her in her study –entrance exam-guide her. No one may ham-hurt her. Destroy all evil plans against her. IJN Amen

Financial blessings and miracles

William Sollenberger
I need prayer for financial blessings and miracles.For abundance and prosperity.For early retirement.

pet home

a. b.
please pray for 2 poor dogs B. and r> to get adopted very soon! Thanks


mary mcm
Dear Lord im in great need of help, we joined a dangerous cult 25yrs ago and our 2 sons grew up in it, we tried to leave 10yrs ago but we have gone through hell since and its never ending, our oldest son 28 is mentally ill and has been very sick for last 4 years, our youngest son 26 has 2 kids with a girl from the cult, she is alcoholic and was severely abused and neglected as a child, she is still under control of cult and her family try to turn her and our son against us, its been a nightmare, they are trying to break them up as well and connect him to a gay man in the cult, (there is no end to their evil ways)i beg and plead for help, I have prayed and prayed to Jesus and cried out year after year, to release our sons for this evil bondage, we have hell in our marriage as well, my husband is very prone to coming under their control and they continuously send people against us and have repeatedly tried to break us apart, he lies and manipulates and even makes sexual advances to our sons girlfriend, please God, deliver us from these demons, mary


rentsamo murry
Please pray for my marriage restoration.My wife and i are living seperately for 5 years.I have tried to bring her back in my life but she is not willing to come back.I am so scarred and worried and i don't know what to do.We don't communicate at all.I love her so much.Our marriage is on a brink of a break.Please pray for my wife so that Jesus can touch her heart.I am so broken.I need help.Thank you

please pray with me this prayer for the world people

Thankyou Lord that your kingdom of heaven has come. Christ consciousness has overcome our world now shifting all hearts and minds into heavenly consciousness now. All has become more wonderfully positive, more magnificently heavenly, divine, clean, smart, joyous, kind, friendly, social, liberated, forgiving, peaceful, calm, lovely, beautiful, attentive, caring, prompt, courageous, confident, godly, pure, holy, loving, cleanly, efficient, team players, youthful, healthy , repaired, healed, made whole, self sufficient, miraculous, supernatural, angelic, wishes and dreams come true, blissful, more than any person could possibly imagine. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All life unjustly imprisoned has been set free now. Your overwhelming heavenly love frequency has overcome our world now, permeating into all matter, all air waves, eradicating all evil, anything demonic, anger, hate, fear, worry, strife, envy, jealousy, sickness, disease, rudeness, disrespect, arrogance, boasting, gossiping, swearing, indecencies, sensuality, lust, ungodliness, stupidity, laziness, suffering, lack, hunger, addictions, bullying, prejudism, gluttony, stealing, suicide, violence, killing, death, decay, darkness, coldness, uncaring, ignoring, ignorance, greed, selfishness, sadness, loneliness, pain, stress, anxieties, crimes against humanity, crimes against God, crimes against all life on earth and to the universe now. All people have been hearing the music of heaven and the voice of God and hearing and seeing Gods loving angels now. All people have been feeling the overwhelming love of Jesus and have been making him their lord and savior now, especially the Jewish people. Your loving angels have been coming into our world now to help all creatures in need. Generosity and prosperity has overcome our world now, overflowing now to all people in heavenly magnificent ways. All people have become heavenly rich. All hearts are now on fire for Jesus. Jesus has become the king and ruler of the world now. Jesus is omnipresent now around the world. jesus is here now to receive his bride. in Jesus name. Amen

Job security

Elleni Senbeta
Please pray for my daughter's job security. She in probation period and surrounded by unbelievers making workplace hard for her. Please pray for the a ssisstance of the Holy Spirit!!

pet home

please pray for good peoplto give a safe shelter for cruelly abanoned cat who lost her only home and opwner. Thanks

MArriage restoration

Sangeetha Natarajan
Dear sister's and brother, My name is Sangeetha, I need an urgent prayers from all of you for my marriage to be saved from divorce, my husband name is Natarajan, my husband said that he going to send me a notice of divorce, we are separated almost 6 months, i need urgent prayers, to stop my husband from file for divorce, and my marriage to restored by God blessing, I am in heavy heart and with a lot of tears in my eyes, asking this prayers in the mighty name of Jesus.

I need money to move to my new home

Shereese Clark
I need 4000 dollars to move to my new home and I need money to buy food


Magdalena Lovejoy
please pray that i am healed of all unhealed wounds, from abandonment from my mother, abortion and and alcoholism, and please heal my brain of all diseases like Lou Gerigs and Alzheimer's disease and stop the cancer, and please activate my DNA to heal my soul so I continue my soul healing journey with Jesus and please send the soul and spirit of serial killer Clifford Olson away from me into the light and please cancel my connection to the cult called Bet Urim in my spiritual life and remove the brainwashing and i dont want Datuk Baradaud or Ida Rsi in my life and give Dr. Luc Brisson God's guidance. Dr. Magdalena Lovejoy
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.